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The World, The City and Us – Durban University of Technology Department of Architecture

Volume: 40, Edition: 3, 2015


  • Training for Global, City and Neighbourhood Communities

    Page 1

  • KZNIA Awards Ceremony

    Page 1

    Architect(s): Ruben Reddy

  • KZNIA Awards for Architecture

    Page 1

    Architect(s): Design Workshop, Mark Horner, Anna Goldman, Pauline Hayward, Carina Cloete

  • DUT Master Plan for Integration and Connectivity

    Page 2

  • The Blue Skies Project: Exploring how Urban Design could contribute towards more equal and just urban spaces

    Page 4

    Architect(s): Jonathan Edkins, Bridget Horner, Miranda Young-Jahangeer, Doung Jahangeer

  • City without Walls: a collaborative community engagement project

    Page 6

  • The Third Year Major Integrated Project

    Page 7

  • Staff Consultancies: A House to retire in

    Page 8

    Location(s) Forest Hills, Durban

  • An Architectural Intervention: Redefining Lost Space

    Page 9

    Location(s) Seaview, Durban South

  • Aspects of Cultural & Climate-Sensitive Architectural Designs: German – South African Workshop

    Page 10

    Location(s) DUT, Durban

  • Skills Centre and Trainee Residence

    Page 11

    Location(s) Isipingo Beach

  • Cultural Market

    Page 12

    Location(s) Isipingo Beach

  • Market Hall

    Page 13

    Location(s) Isipingo

  • Nature Conservation Centre

    Page 13

    Location(s) Isipingo

  • Travel Diary

    Page 14

    Location(s) Gdańsk

  • UKZN Architecture Learning Site

    Page 16

    Architect(s): Richard Stretton, Koop Design, Sydney Baillon, Ken Howie, Kevin Bingham, Dirk Meyer, Dave Barrow, Roz Harber , Rodney Harber, Don Perks

  • Iaks Silver Award

    Page 16

    Architect(s): Ruben Reddy Architects

    Location(s) Sochi, Russia

  • Obituaries

    Page 17

    Architect(s): Issy Benjamin, Dennis Claude, Joan Seirlis