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The Point Promenade

Volume: 45, Edition: 2, 2020


  • Editor's Notes

    Page i

  • The Point Promenade

    Page 1

    Location(s) Durban

  • Getting to the Point

    Page 2

    Location(s) Durban

  • The Design of the Promenade Structure

    Page 4

    Location(s) Durban

  • House Biermann - At Risk of Demolition

    Page 8

  • The New Normal - From the Conventional to Open Architecture and E-Learning

    Page 10

  • Book Review- Durban Heritage Trust: Drawing from the Past

    Page 13

  • Book Review- Addington Children's Hospital and Nurses' Home

    Page 14

  • A Travel Diary: Social cohesion and earth-constructed education spaces in South Africa

    Page 16