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Natal Provincial Institute of Architects University of Natal School of Architecture Liaison Committee 1969-1984

Volume: 9, Edition: 3, 1984


  • Chairman Recall

    Architect(s): Louis Karol, William Slayton, Sonny Tomkin, Ted Tollman, Mike Jakobi

  • Special Shaped Bricks - Opportunity for Design

  • Changes

  • An Encouragement to others

  • From the President

  • Current Liaison Committee Members

  • University/ Institute Liaison Committee

  • The Committee in its Historical Perspective

    Page 1

  • From the Longest Serving Institute Member

    Page 2

  • From the Longest Serving Staff Member

    Page 2

    Architect(s): Revel Fox, Garth Williamson, Barrie, Pancho, Gordon Small

  • Aspects and Considerations of Liaison

    Page 3

    Architect(s): Bill O' Beirne, Barry Clark, Clem Fridjhon, Sonny Tomkin, Tom Bedford, Keith Alcock, France Rougier, Prof. Leslie Croft, Barrie Biermann, Ted Tollman , John Templar, Danie Theron, Peter Stewart, Colin Savage, Kevin MacGarry, Robin Jay, Peter Engelbrecht, Tony Mackeson, Robert Brusse

  • Student Reflections on the Liaison

    Page 4