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KZ-NIA@100: Buildings of Merit

Volume: 26, Edition: 2, 2001


  • Professional Councils

    Page 1

  • 2001 Corobrik Regional Student of the Year

    Page 1

  • Obituary

    Page 1

    Architect(s): Peter Hoal

  • A Tribute to Martin Knoetze

    Page 1

  • Buildings of Merit

    Page 1

    Architect(s): WG Moffatt & Hirst, Stafford Associate Architects CC, Koseff Van der Walt Architects

    Location(s) 325 Smith Street

  • Letter

    Page 1

  • Correction Issue 1/2001

    Page 1

    Architect(s): Walter Peters

  • Resonance

    Page 1

  • Recipient Buildings of Awards

    Page 2

    Architect(s): GE le Sueur, Kallenbach, Kennedy & Furner, Ing. Jackson & Park-Ross, WG Moffat & Hirst, Corrigal, Crickmay & Partners, Paton, Taylor & Partners, SN Tomkin & Partners, Geoffrey le Sueur & Partners, Franklin, Garland & Gibson, Small, Pettit & Baillon, Hallen, Theron & Partners, Revel Fox & Partners, Interearc Architects, Johnson Murray Architects, Don Smith Architects, Geraghty Little & McCaffery Associated Architects, Small, Pettit & Robson, Vandeverre, Apsey Robinson & Associates, Campbell, Bernstein & Partners, Carter-Brown & Baillon, Stauch Vorster, Ismail Cassimjee, Elphick Proome Architects, Kiran Lalloo, Interplan Architects (Pty) Ltd, Colin Savage Architect, Ing, Jackson, de Ravel & Hartley, Johann Slee Architects, Blumenfeld & Krause, John Royal Architects, Robert Brusse Architect, Walt Architects, Dean Jay Architect, Myles Pugh Sherlock Murray, Architects Collaborative CC, Emmett: Emmett Architects CC, McCaffery Wilkinson & Little, Hallen Custers Smith, Philip Cox, Theunissen Jankowitz SA Inc

    Location(s) Greyville, Snell Parade, West Street, Smith Street, Pietermaritzburg, Victoria Embankment , Acutt Street, Congella, Umlazi Glebe, Umhlanga Ridge, Edendale, Prospecton, Durban North, Overport, Musgrave, St George's Street, Mobeni, Shaka's Rock, Pinetown, Westville, Springfield Park, Glenwood, Florida Road, Morningside, Tollgate, Sherwood, Underberg, Soldiers' Way, Chatsworth, Berea, Prince Alfred Street, KwaMashu, KwaMakhutha, Durban, Zimbali, Sheffield Beach, Wasbank, Warwick Junction, Point

  • Moments in Time (1962-1981)

    Page 3

    Architect(s): Issy Benjamin, Barrie Biermann, Hans Hallen, Paul Mikula, Biermann & Theron, Hallen Theron & Partners, Brian Kearney, W.E. Roberts, Frank Lloyd Wright, Oglivanna Wright, Milek Masojada, Wally Peters, Rodney Harber, Vladimir Tretchikoff, Tony Clarkson, Heinrich Kammeyer, Norbert Rozendal, Geoff Carter-Brown, Small & Pettit, O'Neil & Giraud, Hallen & Dibb, Bryan Lee, BDG, Monica Gobel

  • KZ-NIA 2001 Awards of Merit & Conservation Programme

    Page 6

  • KZ-NIA 2001 Awards: Some Impressions

    Page 6

    Architect(s): Hallen & Theron, Kerstin Thompson, Glen Mercutt, Stafford Associate Architects, Stauch Vorster Architects

    Location(s) Cato Manor

  • Sewula Gorge Camp

    Page 8

    Architect(s): Harber & Associates

    Location(s) Estcourt

  • Centenary Tourist and Information Centre for KZ-N Nature Conservation Service

    Page 8

    Architect(s): Stafford Associate Architects CC

    Location(s) Hluhluwe/Umfolozi Park

  • Holiday Home for Accurate Trading

    Page 9

    Architect(s): OMM Design Workshop

    Location(s) Sandhills Road, Prince's Grant Estate

  • Office Development for Electric Ladyland Properties

    Page 10

    Architect(s): OMM Design Workshop

    Location(s) Bellevue Road, Kloof

  • Library at Chesterville Extension

    Page 11

    Architect(s): Urban Architects (Pty) Ltd.

    Location(s) Booth Road, Cato Manor

  • Prince Cyril Zulu Communicable Disease Centre

    Page 12

    Architect(s): John Royal Architects , CNN Architects

    Location(s) University Avenue, Warwick Triangle, Durban

  • Multi-Purpose Centre at Wiggins Umkhumbane

    Page 13

    Architect(s): Matic + Van Zyl , André Duvenage, Sally Adams, Urban Edge

    Location(s) New Dunbar Road, Cato Manor

  • Alexander Forbes Building for Johnnic Properties

    Page 14

    Architect(s): Paton Taylor Associates Inc.

    Location(s) 10 Torvale Crescent, La Lucia Ridge Office Estate

  • Plaisir Du Jardin

    Page 15

    Architect(s): Emmett:Emmett Architects CC

    Location(s) 102 Florida Road, Durban

  • Durban High School Media Centre

    Page 16

    Architect(s): Bruce Clark , Chen Sagnelli, John Frost, Roy Farren, Urban Architects (Pty) Ltd.

    Location(s) St Thomas Road, Durban

  • Book Review- Wakkerstroom: A Re-assessment in Urban Conservation

    Page 17