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Islamic Architecture

Volume: 21, Edition: 3, 1996


  • Islamic Architecture

    Page 1

  • 1997/98 KZ-NIA Regional Committee

    Page 1

    Location(s) Stella Park

  • KZ-NIA Suffixes

    Page 1

  • SA Institute of Architects

    Page 1

  • Mosque Architecture – Some Terminology

    Page 1

  • Muslim Society & Islamic Architecture

    Page 2

  • Two Durban Mosques in Transition

    Page 4

    Location(s) Grey Street Juma Masjid, West Street Juma Masjid

  • The “Islamicness” of the Mosques in Pietermaritzburg

    Page 5

    Location(s) Church Street, Pietermaritzburg

  • The University of Natal Jamā’at Khānah

    Page 6

    Architect(s): Architects Collaborative cc.

    Location(s) University of Natal

  • Islamic Decorative Art: A Touch of the Old

    Page 7

    Location(s) University of Natal

  • The design of musallā (prayer rugs)

    Page 8

  • From jiha’d to GTi

    Page 9

    Location(s) Riverside, West Street