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Durban's New Beachfront

Volume: 35, Edition: 3, 2010


  • 2010 Sophia Gray Laureate

    Page 1

    Architect(s): Dr Jaco Wasserfall

  • Afrisam-SAIA Award for Sustainable Architecture

    Page 1

    Architect(s): Koop Design Studio

  • Exhibitions at KZNIA

    Page 1

  • Corobrik SAIA Awards of Merit and for Excellence

    Page 1

    Architect(s): East Coast Architects

  • SAIA Personal Awards

    Page 1

    Architect(s): Peter Rich, Jo Noero

  • SAIA Certificate for Meritorious Service

    Page 1

    Architect(s): Bruce Clark

  • South African Institute of Architects (SAIA) President for 2011-12

    Page 1

    Architect(s): Fanuel Motsepe, Sandile Ngonyama

  • Durban: Host City of XXVII UIA World Congress, 2014

    Page 1

  • KZ-NIA Committee 2011-12

    Page 1

  • KZ-NIA President 2011-2012

    Page 1

    Architect(s): Nina Saunders

  • In Memoriam

    Page 1

    Architect(s): Petrus Pretorius, John (Jack) Hesketh, Karl Wildner

  • Book Review: Swarming Tome

    Page 2

    Architect(s): sound space design

  • Durban's New Beachfront

    Page 2

  • Beach Promenade

    Page 4

    Architect(s): Michael Todd Architects

    Location(s) Golden Mile

  • Landscaping and the Beachfront Upgrade

    Page 6

    Location(s) Beachfront

  • Moyo Restaurant on uShaka Pier

    Page 7

    Architect(s): Koop Design Studio

    Location(s) uShaka Pier

  • Addington Beach Node

    Page 8

    Architect(s): Koop Design Studio , Simon Clements

    Location(s) Addington Beach Node

  • New Beach & South Beach Nodes

    Page 10

    Architect(s): Jay & Nel Architects

    Location(s) New Beach

  • Dairy Beach Node

    Page 12

    Architect(s): Michael Todd Architects

    Location(s) Dairy Beach Node

  • Bay of Plenty Node

    Page 14

    Architect(s): Design Workshop: sa

    Location(s) Bay of Plenty Node

  • A Travel Diary

    Page 16

    Location(s) Chile