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Decolonial Thinking and Practice

Volume: 47, Edition: 2, 2022


  • SAIA KZN News

    Page i

  • Decolonising The Persona

    Page 1

  • Transformation at the UKZN School

    Page 2

  • Decolonising Architecture at the Former ML Sultan and DUT

    Page 4

  • Using a Bottom-up Approach to Studio-based Design

    Page 5

  • Hail the Monument: Lessons from the South

    Page 6

  • The Trouble with 'Monumentalising Architecture': A Decolonial Reflection on Self-realisation through the Limitations of Hegemonic Imaginaries

    Page 7

  • A Strong Line

    Page 8

  • The Power of Built Form in Promoting Cross-cultural Performance

    Page 9

  • Loss of Reverence and the Justification of Appetite

    Page 10

  • I Object

    Page 11

  • The need for an Investment in Decolonial Imagination

    Page 12

  • Rediscovering the African Aesthetic and the need for a Renaissance in South African Vernacular Architecture

    Page 13

  • New Beginnings: Repurposed Historic Homes of KwaZulu Natal

    Page 14

  • SAIA KZN News

    Page 16