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Civic Symbols and Other Sacred Cows

Volume: 14, Edition: 2, 1989


  • A Personal Review of the Durban Museum and Library Competition, 1989

    Page 1

    Architect(s): Uytenbogaardt, Rozendal

  • Natal Students Win 1989 Des Baker Award

    Page 1

    Architect(s): Laura Hunt, Kenny Webster

    Location(s) Warwick Avenue, Squatters' Market

  • Publications by the Natal School of Architecture

    Page 1

  • A Forest in a Fortress

    Page 2

    Architect(s): Silverman, Challenger CC, Carlo Scarpa, Casstelvecchio, Foster Associates, Johnson Murray Architects

    Location(s) Johannesburg

  • Typology, Krier and Urban Process

    Page 3

    Architect(s): Francis Carter

    Location(s) Cape Town, Ulundi, Umabatho, Bisho, Chandigarh

  • In A Sunken Garden

    Page 4

    Architect(s): Tyser and Pellegrini

    Location(s) Johannesburg, Victoria Road

  • Form plus Function?

    Page 6

    Architect(s): Franklin Garland Gibson and Partners

    Location(s) Durban, Victoria Street, Queen Street, Church Street, Central Park, Soldiers Way

  • A Challenge to Perception?

    Page 7

    Architect(s): H C Dalle Vedove and Steiner, William Curtis, Hans Hollein, Koolhaas, Zenghelis, Gehry, Tschumi

    Location(s) Johannesburg

  • Africa Ahoy… At Last?

    Page 8

    Architect(s): AIA Architects, Maurice Dibb Associates, Roy Farren

    Location(s) Durban