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Building Abroad

Volume: 29, Edition: 3, 2004


  • KZ-N Architects Building Abroad

    Page 1

  • KZ-NIA Committee 2005-06

    Page 1

  • KZ-NIA President 2004-06

    Page 1

    Architect(s): Bruce Clarke

  • UKZ-N School of Architecture

    Page 1

  • Two Veranda Houses

    Page 3

    Architect(s): Bruce Clark Associate Architects CC.

    Location(s) Seychelles

  • Administrative Building

    Page 4

    Architect(s): Stauch Vorster Architects

    Location(s) Ras al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

  • Nofa Resort

    Page 6

    Architect(s): FGG Architects

    Location(s) Saudi Arabia

  • International Hospital

    Page 8

    Architect(s): OMM designworkshop, Robert Johnson Architect & Associates

    Location(s) Kampala, Uganda

  • Barrow’s Surtas - Talking Turkey in Istanbul

    Page 10

    Architect(s): soundspacedesign cc.

    Location(s) Istanbul

  • Walker House, Manda Bay Seaside Resort, Kifaru House

    Page 12

    Architect(s): FGG Architects

    Location(s) Kenyan Highlands, Kenya, Lamu, Kenya, Kenyan Highlands, Kenya

  • Book Review: Urban Reconstruction in the Developing World

    Page 14

  • A Travel Diary- Kullas of Kosova

    Page 16

    Location(s) former Yugoslavia