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Architecture University of Natal

Volume: 7, Edition: 3, 1982


  • Cover

    Page 1

    Architect(s): Prof. Don Dyke-Wells, Prof. Barrie Biermann, Prof. Ted Tollman, Brian Kearney, Peter Stewart, Jessie Birss, Errol Haarhoff, Rodney Harber, Dr. Wally Peters, Bernie Clark, Dennis Claude, Dr. Derek Wang

  • From the Head of School of Architecture: Prof. Don Dyke-Wells

    Page 2

  • Changes

    Page 2

  • A qualification is not enough

    Page 2

  • 1 Year

    Page 3

  • 2 Year

    Page 4

  • 3 Year

    Page 5

  • 4 Year

    Page 6

    Architect(s): Peter and Muriel Melvin, Melvin Lansley and Mark, Hertfordshire, Tony Mason, Amaprop, Robert Stern, Geoffrey le Sueur

  • 5 Year

    Page 7